Bathroom Remodeling for Rochester, NY

Your bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms of your home. Each member of your family likely starts and ends their day in the bathroom, meaning its important to maintain a clean and functional space. In addition, your guests use your bathroom so an aesthetically pleasing room is always a plus.

Since your bathroom gets so much use from your family and friends, it experiences a ton of wear and tear on a daily basis. If your bathroom is damaged, dated, or just not functional for your needs, rely on Kendrick Remodeling! Our experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure your space has the storage, functionality, and look you’ve always dreamed of! Get your basement remodel started today!

Things To Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel

  • Budget – Before contacting our general contractors, it is a great idea to sit down and really figure out your budget, your definite wants and needs, and elements that could be added if there is room to spare. Creating a budget can help immensely when you’re deciding on fixtures, cabinetry, and other design elements of your space.
  • Unexpected Issues – It is not uncommon to uncover further issues when undergoing a bathroom remodel. For instance, water damage could be hidden but definitely needs to be addressed. Make sure you have a bit of room in your budget for unexpected issues.
  • Lasting Design – Regardless of your personal design tastes, consider how time changes when thinking about your bathroom design. Since this room is used so frequently by so many people, a lasting design could keep it attractive for longer.
  • Storage – Like in your kitchen, ample storage in your bathroom is important. If you don’t have enough storage, your counters and floors could become cluttered. Adequate cabinetry and built-in nooks could do wonders for your bathroom storage needs!
  • Lighting – Common lighting placement and fixtures aren’t always the best in your bathroom. Wall scones flanking your bathroom mirrors and other mindfully-placed lighting can make a huge difference in the brightness and atmosphere of your space.
  • Ventilation – Proper ventilation in your bathroom is crucial. With it, your bathroom can retain the moisture from your shower and mold may end up growing. Our bathroom remodeling experts know exactly how large of a fan you’d need and the right placement for effectiveness.

Contact Us Today to Start Your Bathroom Remodeling Project!

Whether you’re interested in remodeling a half bath or a full one, the team at Kendrick Remodeling has you covered! Our general contractors have years of knowledge and experience completing bathroom remodeling projects of all kinds, and we look forward to starting yours. Contact us today to discuss your wants and needs. Our bathroom remodeling services extend to homeowners throughout Rochester and the surrounding areas.

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